Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Activate Windows 7 on Toshiba Mini NB205

Because Toshiba Mini NB205 has BIOS with embedded SLIC 2.1 signature, it is easy to activate the netbook if the owner obtains an .xrm-ms file and a valid Windows key. Thanks to the Internet and powerful search engines, this seemingly difficult task becomes rather easy for average people. Surprisingly, new computers and motherboards in most cases come with SLP 2.1 capable BIOS, thus making it easy to activate new computers.

For your information, SLP (system locked preinstallation) 2.1 is the newest anti-piracy scheme used by Microsoft to sell more Windows 7 on OEM computers. In this case, BIOS of OEM computers have SLIC 2.1 signature which is unique per each OEM manufacturer. An OEM version of Windows 7 is installed on an OEM computer and contain an OEM certificate (*.xrm-ms) that should match SLP/SLIC 2.1 thing in the BIOS. In this post, it is assumed that you installed an OEM version of Microsoft Windows 7 that can be downloaded using utorrent, eMule or Limewire.

If you use the SLIC Dump Toolkit on Toshiba Mini NB205, you can find that SLIC 2.1 begins with the string TOSCPLTOSCPL00.

SLIC Dump Toolkit V2.0

Now you can search for an OEM certificate matching your SLIC 2.1 data with the help of a search engine. You can use such search keywords like: TOSCPLTOSCPL00 2.1 XRM-MS.


Clicking on the fourth link in the picture above, you'll be taken to a page where you can download a file containing TOSCPLTOSCPL00.XRM-MS. You'll need to type a 3-digit number to download the archive 2.1.rar. Once you downloaded it, open it and extract TOSCPLTOSCPL00.XRM-MS.

7-zip opening 2.1.rar

Open a command prompt with administrator privilege.

Start Command Prompt as Administrator

Type the following command to install the OEM certificate.


Now you need to activate Windows 7 with a valid Windows 7 key. Use a command in the following form to activate Windows 7.


Some valid Windows 7 keys are circulating on the Internet. With luck, you'll be able to find one. The following are some keywords to locate a Windows 7 key:

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